Newly Vegan? Check out these great ideas to start!

Here’s a list of my favorite plant-based everyday prepared food products. These are the brands you will find in my fridge, freezer and pantry. I truly believe today’s plant-based products taste better than ever! Although processed foods should comprise the smallest percentage of our diets, they can still be included in a balanced plant-based lifestyle,… Continue reading Newly Vegan? Check out these great ideas to start!

Crazy critters

This is what I found in my garden yesterday! All of my red tomatoes eaten through and now they’ve started on the green ones😫 Any suggestions? Needs to be chemicals. Thank you in advance!

Is Yoga Compatible with Christianity

After reading this blog today and having practiced yoga again for the past 6 months I am now feeling convicted (honestly I have been feeling convicted for the past few months).. fellow Christians what do you think? Read reference below. As Christians we must guard our hearts and minds, ‘always watchful and of sober mind’… Continue reading Is Yoga Compatible with Christianity